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Attorney Targeted For Supporting Judiciary High Court Grants Bail, Reprimands NAB

ISLAMABAD: "Nadeem Ahmed Advocate" One of the top legal counselors of the nation Nadeem Ahmad Advocate said on Monday that Nadeem Ahmed had been accepting dangers from the administration and different obscure individuals for the past numerous days.

Nadeem Ahmed Advocate said that on Friday after 12 pm, many furnished NAB authorities encompassed his home and captured Nadeem Ahmed without revealing to him any warrants while irritating his entire gang. Later, it was uncovered that the NAB director had himself recorded a reference in the witness of the NAB court in which Nadeem Ahmed Advocate's name was deliberatelyand wrongly included. Nadeem Ahmed Advocate said "before" Fasih Bokhari documented the reference against him, no authority of NAB had even reached him or sent him any notification or even tried to take his announcement in regards to the charges.

Indeed, even after his capture, the NAB did not direct any examination. The NAB individuals, specifically answering to Islamabad on Friday night, did not try to take any composed explanation from him. Also, what is amazing is that on that very night, the NAB authorities told Nadeem that they would not be looking for his further guardianship/remand.

The inquiry, he says, is that if the reference was certifiable, and if his capture was so expected to lead an examination, why no examination was done and why NAB told the NAB court next morning that it no more required his guardianship/remand.

Most shockingly, Nadeem Ahmed said, the minute he was taken to the NAB focus after 12 pm, a delegate of a specific channel was exhibit inside the NAB office. He was secured up a room, where the channel agent continued making feature and began demonstrating to it on its channel with a point to malign and embarrass him.

This, Nadeem Ahmed learnt, was the sole object of his capture i.e. to embarrass and threaten him to demoralize him and individuals like him who stand with the free legal and who continue uncovering all tricks went for harming the legal.

Prior today, a division seat of the Sindh High Court, including acting Chief Justice Maqbool Baqar and Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi, allowed safeguard to Nadeem Ahmed Advocate in the NAB reference, documented by NAB powers against him.

Nadeem Ahmed, promoter, was spoken to in the High Court by Sindh High Court Bar Association's President Anwar Mansoor; Siddiq Mirza, Advocate Supreme Court; Dr Amjad Bokhari, Advocate Supreme Court; Shahab Sarki, General Secretary High Court Bar Association, and other conspicuous legal counselors.

Advocate Anwar Mansoor contended in the eyes of the court that all the offenses charged to have been conferred by the administration of the Callmate Telips 'were submitted preceding' the impelling of Nadeem Ahmed, advocate, as a non-Executive Director on the Board of Callmate Telips. Anwar Mansoor further contended that Nadeem Ahmed did not draw any compensation or different advantages from the organization being referred to.

Siddiq Mirza included that even the NAB's own reference did not contain any affirmation, at all, against Nadeem and there was no confirmation or archive gave by the NAB powers that connected Nadeem to the asserted offenses.

Siddiq Mirza additionally indicated out the court that Nadeem Ahmed was a piece of the Board that really uncovered the tricks/fakes conferred by the past administration in the year 2007 and passed board determination to make lawful move against the offenders.

In the wake of listening to the contentions, the court condemned the NAB prosecutor, and the examination officer for neglecting to fulfill the court as to inclusion of Nadeem Ahmed Advocate in the affirmed offenses in the wake of having been given sufficient open door by the Honorable Court.

After the applicant's contentions, in spite of rehashed request of the court, the NAB prosecutor neglected to show from the reference any particular assertion against Nadeem Ahmed, any of his wrongdoings or that any wrongdoing was done when he was chief or any record to demonstrate his contribution.

The court remarked that capturing a regarded attorney with no proof may put the examination officer and important authorities of the NAB in a bad position. The court further remarked that life and notoriety of subjects is not easy breezy. In spite of the fact that the court has allowed the safeguard application, it has not yet passed a nitty gritty request which is normal today.

Application includes: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had captured Nadeem Ahmad Advocate on the non-bailable warrants of capture issued by the Accountability Court, Karachi.

The blamed side is deluding the media that he was captured with no capture warrants, said a press discharge issued by NAB here Monday. Seize captured the blamed from his home when he was attempting to escape the scene. Catch is an autonomous association and makes a move against each degenerate individual with no impact and under the procurements of its law.

For this situation, the denounced, Nadeem Ahmed Advocate, ex-executive Callmate Telips Telecom Limited (CTTL), is included in debasement of Rs5 billion by tricking open on the loose. Nadeem Ahmed was one of the seven denounced persons for this situation.

On April 30, a reference was marked by the NAB executive against seven blamed persons, including Nadeem Ahmad. Capture warrants were at first issued against six blamed persons, including Nadeem Ahmed, on May 29 by the Accountability Court No IV. Capture warrants against five charged persons were rehashed on June 14 as one of the denounced, Hasan Jamil Ansari, was captured by NAB. In this way, sticking this capture with legal isn't right, NAB press discharge said.

The blamed advocate's part in the rebuilding for legal may be worth specify yet great work done on any issue does not give anybody a declaration to play ruin with different matters, it included.